If you need support please call our office right now on 5445 6894. We don’t promise to “solve your problem” but we can walk with you so that you can find a way forward.  There are certain things we cannot do but we do what we feel is most appropriate.

Professional Counsellor

If you need Christian Counselling we have a highly qualified counsellor with broad life experience and faith.  If the fee is a problem you can ask our Pastor or Office Manager about having it subsidised by our church through our ‘Pastoral Care Fund’. Bookings are essential. To book in or ask a question, please call the church office for more information.

Prayer Support And Pastoral Care Team

Our Pastoral Care Team coordinate support and care for those in need.  We work to link up every person in need with someone who can help.  We also have a ‘prayer chain’ so if you have any prayer request we can send it out so that a whole team of people are praying for your needs.


If you have a need that urgently requires a pastor you can book in through our church office.  He may suggest an appropriate professional if he feels this will assist you better.  Due to the large size of our community our Pastor works with mainly with those facing death or grief.  He is just one part of our team which is our whole church.  So if you ask to see the Pastor we may instead link you up with someone better.

In Hospital?

If you or someone you know is going to hospital please let us know.  We cannot support you unless we know!  We have a hospital visiting team and some of our elders team also visit too.  Our pastor also visits hospital in crises situations.

Youth Worker

Call our office to book in.   Please remember that it doesn’t work for a parent or grandparent to force a young person to go and see someone!  It’s better if the person wanting help initiates this themselves.

Life Groups

The vision of our church is that we will create many small healthy communities called ‘Life Groups’.  A Life Group becomes like a family – you support them and they support you.  This is what ‘church’ is really all about.

The Mustard Tree

Through ‘The Mustard Tree’ Immanuel church offers help through local State School Chaplains.