Immanuel Lutheran Church Buderim

Immanuel Lutheran Church Buderim

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Marriage Resources

At Immanuel we do amazing weddings!  You can book our beautiful worship centre for a wedding, have high quality catered refreshments by team (your catering fees will support aid work in Africa), and have the ceremony done by one of our pastors.

If you want one of our pastors to do your ceremony you need to complete this form…

Notice Of Intended Marriage

And if you want to book our beautiful worship centre here is what you need to know…

Immanuel Wedding Booking Guide

Booking Immanuel Worship Centre

You’re welcome to check our calendar online to see if any major events are booked.  To pre-book your wedding ceremony you may call the office, but we won’t consider the booking definite until you have confirmed the date and time with us in writing!


Normally our pastors at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Immanuel College, or Immanuel Gardens perform the weddings here. The pastor will want to meet with you at least three times for the following:

– Meeting 1. Completion and signing of ‘notice of intended marriage’.

– Meeting 2. Filling out ‘Prepare’ pre-marriage survey and discussing ceremony.

– Meeting 3. Receiving ‘Prepare’ survey feedback and finalising ceremony details.

If you’re not a member of our congregation or of our wider Immanuel community you are welcome to book our worship centre but if you bring your own minister we need contact details!


Catering such as snacks, finger food or afternoon tea, can only be supplied by our Registered Caterers. Please contact our office for more information.


A rehearsal takes place in the week before. The following people are needed:  the clergy, our Immanuel Functions Coordinator, our Immanuel Sound Technician, musicians, whoever is giving the bride away, bride and groom (!), other members of the wedding party.


Areas where music is used may include: Pre-Service music, the bridal procession, hymns or songs during the service, during the signing of the register, as bridal party leave.

If you print song lyrics we need to check that they are covered by our CCLI copyright licence and let us know the details or else they cannot be printed. Underneath the song we need our copyright details included so please talk to our office first.

Our worship centre has a great sound system including vocal and instrumental microphones and a great band area. You’re welcome to use these for your wedding, but only our sound technician can set up this gear.


Please ask your photographer to check in with our ‘function coordinator’ before the wedding. The Function Coordinator will make sure that you get the best possible photos and to make sure that the photography is done in an appropriate way.


Immanuel Worship Centre has a complex sound and lighting system. We have trained operators of this equipment who will do the best for your wedding.  We have a CD, computers to play audio and powerpoint.  If you want a powerpoint display please bring it to test at the rehearsal. Please bring a copy of any media to test it!


There are 40 Car Parking Spaces available in the area immediately adjacent to the Church. A further 25 are available near the College Administration area (only a short walk away from the Church) and a further 28 in the College Car Park adjacent to the swimming pool (slightly further away and requiring a climb up the hill). Please inform the Function Coordinator if you feel more car parking spaces are required.


You are welcome to use flowers or decorations in most areas of the worship centre.  It is not appropriate to place flowers or decorations in the baptismal font!  The worship centre has two large stands for flowers as well as other flower stands – these are normally used at either end of the altar but they may be placed elsewhere too.  The Church has vases which are available for use by decorators.

Florist or decorators are welcome to have a look at the church during business ours, but please ring the office first as it’s a busy place!

You are welcome to bring any chair decorations or arrangements. But please do not move any of the furniture (chairs, font, lectern etc.) without first consulting the Function Coordinator.  We give the worship centre a very basic clean after a wedding. The cost of any extra cleaning required, or any loss or damage to our facilities will be incurred by you the hirer.


The throwing of confetti or rice inside or outside the worship centre is not permitted. However, blowing bubbles or throwing flower petals outside the building is fine.


Please call Immanuel office for current booking costs on 5445 6894.