Here at Immanuel, we know that God’s grace changes people! Our heavenly Father is gracious, providing everything we have: things like food, clothes, home and family, work and money. Everything we have is firstly a gift from God. How will you respond to this gracious and generous God?! There is only one response — to freely give, just as you have freely received (Matthew 10:8). Any offering you make is given voluntarily, cheerfully, faithfully, and in proportion to how you have prospered each week. Read more about Gracious & Generous Giving here.

There are different ways you can give financially to the work of the church:

(1) Make a once off electronic gift.

Immanuel Lutheran Church Buderim



(2) Setup regular electronic giving (REG).

You can setup a direct deposit from your bank account to the church account:

Immanuel ANZ AccountBSB: 014650ACCOUNT: 376605294NAME: Immanuel Lutheran Church Buderim
Immanuel LLL AccountBSB: 704942ACCOUNT: 47508NAME: Immanuel Lutheran Church Buderim

(We have provided both our ANZ and LLL details, as the LLL details may not work with some banks).

Alternatively, you can use the LLL Direct Debit Form here. You can learn more about LLL REG here.

(3) Place your offering in the bowl.

An offering bowl is located at the entrance of the Worship Centre. Please place your physical offering here before or after worship. Envelopes are available to help you be regular with your gracious and generous giving.