As the Soularise Team has decided to postpone Radical camp, we’re presented with an opportunity to have some fun during the holidays.

Here’s what you need to know;

Who: Soularise kids (anyone Years 7-12)

Who else: Their Mums, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, and anyone else they call family (Soularise aged kids can come by themselves).

When: Saturday, April 17th. 10am-2pm.

Where: Luther Heights Youth Camp (Wattle St).

Cost: None!

What I should bring:

Clothes to run around and get a little wet in (strongly recommended for kids, but also for parents).

Hats and sunscreen (we’ll be spending a good bit of time out in the sun).

Water bottles.

Picnic blanket/Camp chairs.

Sides for lunch. We’re doing a sausage sizzle but you’re welcome to bring other things for lunch (but not to share outside your family).

Here’s what we need to know;

If you’re coming as a family: Register here.

If your year 7-12 child is coming by themselves: Register here (comment ‘Day Camp’ for Event).