Three Colours Of Spirituality

Are you happy with your spiritual life, with the way your relationship with God works? It is normal to struggle at some point. Sometimes we can’t relate to God in the same way as others and we start to wonder if there is something wrong with us. We might see others who look so ‘spiritual’ and wonder if we should be more like them. But each of us is put together differently. In this course we help you to understand your basic ‘style’ and then relate positively to God – the way you were designed to!

The 3 Colours of Your Spirituality explores nine ‘spiritual styles’ and helps every believer identify which one is the most natural way for them to connect with God: the sensory, rational, doctrinal, Scripture-driven, sharing, ascetic, enthusiastic, mystical, or sacramental style. Once you have understood the different styles and worked which works best for you, then you get to grow by learning to understand others. It’s not just about ‘you’, it’s about growing in spiritual maturity and understanding the community.    The Three Colours Of Your Spirituality (by Christian Scwarz) costs $20 to attend. This costs includes the 192 page book “The Three Colours Of Your Spirituality” (RRP$24.00) and a catered lunch!  Register by email or on the ‘sign-up sheet’ in the worship centre foyer.

If you have already done this course you might like to use the following guide with some others afterwards…  Three Colours Afterwards