The Marriage Course

The next maggiage course goes for seven evenings from 7-9pm.

When we have enough registrations we will set a start date.

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The Marriage Course is eight sessions to help a couple strengthen their relationship.  It’s a chance to spend time together and rediscover what is important!  The course is designed to get you talking and build a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime.  There is no group work involved at all so you don’t have to worry about privacy.

The Marriage Course is now being run in 28 countries!  It is for any couple who wants to work together at and invest in their relationship.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married for less than two years or more than thirty.  If you have a strong marriage this course will help you make it even better and will reinforce your good habits.  If  your marriage is in difficulty, the course will help you work through the issues.  While the course involves Christian principles you will not be ‘preached at’ and you we aren’t out to change you – simply to help you grow.


What Happens Each Night?

Welcome – You’ll have your own candlelit table for just you and your spouse.

The Talk – each evening a talk is given.

The Decadent Dessert – we’ll be serving you coffee and dessert as you chat.

Discussion Time – three questions – your conversation is private and covered with background music!

Homework – at the end of each session you will be given something to do together that week. It isn’t looked at by anyone else and is just for your own benefit to help you continue at home.


The Course Leaders

Andrew and Dianne Bazley are members of of Immanuel Church and have celebrated over 25 years of marriage.  They have three amazing children who are all adults now.  Andrew and Di are living proof that this course is great – they got involved by doing the course themselves and afterwards decided they wanted to share it with others!

Course Program

Building Strong Foundations, The Art of Communication, Resolving Conflict, The Power of Forgiveness, Parents and In-Laws, Good Sex, Love in Action


What Couples Say:

“A fantastic opportunity to learn what really makes each other ‘tick’.  We have had a lot of fun learning some new tricks to get the most out of our marriage, highly reccommended!!” – Sara & Marc

“It has made a huge difference. We are no longer walking on egg shells…how we wish we had The Marriage Course to go to 35 years ago at the start of our marriage. It’s never too late to put things right.”  – Meg and Alan