Want to understand the ‘big picture’ of the Bible?  In this seven week sermon and Bible Study series we explored the whole Old Testament!  The were posted each Sunday right here.  As a small group you could listen to each message then use the Bible Study guide…

Week 1 Discussion Guide:  SevenSacredSummits 1 – The Creation Covenant DISCUSSION

Week 2 Discussion Guide:  SevenSacredSummits 2 – Adam To Noah DISCUSSION

Week 3 Discussion Guide:  SevenSacredSummits 3 – Abraham For All Nations – DISCUSSION

Week 4 Discussion Guide:  SevenSacredSummits 4 – Moses And The Seven Steps Of Exodus DISCUSSION

Week 5 Discussion Guide:  SevenSacredSummits 5 – David The King Before The King STUDY

Week 6 Discussion Guide:  SevenSacredSummits 6 – The Broken Hopeful End Of The Old Testament STUDY

Week 7 Discussion Guide:  SevenSacredSummits 7 – Who Is Jesus STUDY

This course is based on Doctor John Bergsma’s work ‘Mountains and Mediators’ which is excellent Biblical teaching.  Pastor Matt has reworked it for our context, added a great deal and referenced other sources and resources.