Are you looking for older sermon handouts? Did you miss a week and want to know what happened? Did you notice that the Faith Resources page was once much fuller than it is now? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions then this may or may not be the page for you!

Latest Eggbert Videos With Our Awesome Children Presenters!

Preaching: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Waiting For Communion (Faith @ Home Guide)

Church At Home Pack 2 (Free from Grow Ministries)

Peter and Jill’s Story (Video)

Asia Focus

JustPrayer (Matt’s Prayer Website)

Video of Victoria’s Story (from Snazzy Productions)

Lutheran Church Of Australia Guidelines On Communion During Lockdown

Equipping Faith At Home Sheets (Free from Grow Ministries)

Video of Darren & Kirsten’s Story (from Snazzy Productions)

Snazzy Productions Video Page (by Ben Peters)

Illustrated Children’s Ministry Flatten The Curve!

Great Thoughts On Holy Communion In Lockdown by renowned theologian Timothy J. Wengert

Lutheran Church Of Australia Guidelines On Baptism During Lockdown

Jo Wilson’s Website – The Confidante Counselling

Is COVID19 A Sign Of The End Times?

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