Slow down.  Reflect. Deep silence!

Join Us For Taize Worship 

Taize worship is focussed around prayer – it is sung and silent!  People can join in as they want or be quiet if they need.  It helps us relax in God’s gracious presence and listen deeply.”

In Taize worship we use short chants rather than long songs.  The chants are from God’s word and are repeated over and over again so that we can meditate on God’s word.  As the words are sung over many times the reality gradually works throughout our whole being.

Taize also involves silence rather than preaching or sermons.  In the silence we sit with God’s word and let it speak to us.  Silence can be confronting for those unused to this.  But it is very healthy to stop and be quiet for a time.  Perhaps this is just what you need!

Taize worship also involves darkness, candles and beautiful decorations!  We focus on using ‘less technology’ and more simple beauty.

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