A few weeks ago our livestream team (Gayla and Mark) were thrown a curve ball: Youth Coach Ben was unable to be involved as he was isolating following a COVID test (don’t worry, it was just a cold). While we missed him, we were glad that he showed love in action (or was it love by inaction). Our State (and even our suburb) have experienced some scares over the past few weeks and as such it is still super important that we make sure we are doing our part to care for those around us. Please find below a message from our wonderful Margaret and Patti who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us compliant with government regulations.

Hi all
Some of you may be wondering about the new COVID restrictions imposed in Qld this morning and how they may affect us for church services at Immanuel.
To quote the Qld Government COVID website as of 22/08/2020:

“Changes for residents in all other parts of Queensland

As far as the rules go, our church operates as a “business”, and has documented legal plans in place for both the 7.30 services (under industry plans for places of worship, for which we have space for up to at least 95 participants) and for the 9.30 services (under rules for outdoor gatherings under 500 – the school oval is not a “public space” in the sense of the law, which refers to public parks etc.). 
Our plans include:

  • Please stay home if you are in any way unwell, and get tested for COVID 19 if you have any symptoms. For information see https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/stay-informed/testing-and-fever-clinics
  • Please observe strict personal hygiene, including use of hand sanitiser on entry to the worship centre or oval.
  • Sign in with the ushers on duty – rolls have been prepared to make this quicker and easier, but are not a check on who comes! These rolls are kept only for contact tracing purposes in a locked file.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – this is a rule for which we need your cooperation and vigilance – please keep 1.5m (2 big steps) away from people who don’t live in your household.  You can still have conversations, but no handshakes, hugs, etc.  And of course this is a top priority when setting up your seating for an outdoor service.
  • Appropriate cleaning of surfaces used

Note that the limit of home gatherings to 10 people is for the Brisbane area, and not Sunshine Coast, so Life Groups may continue.  Please do observe the appropriate rules for hygiene and social distancing in all situations, wherever you are.
Please rest assured that we are watching closely for any changes that may affect our services, and will act accordingly, and let you know by email if there are any changes to services.  Remember this week is NOT a 9.30 service week, but 7.30 and Livestream will go ahead as planned.
So stay well, keep safe and may God bless you all.
From Margaret Cameron and Patti McInnes.