For ten weeks – all through Advent (December), Christmas and the season of Epiphany (January) we explored exactly what joy is!

Sermons explaining the definitions of joy are here:  Sermons

Adults might read John Piper’s amazing devotions on Joy:

Download here: Good News Of Great Joy by John Piper

If you want joy, perhaps the best thing would not be to seek joy for yourself, but to seek God and loose yourself in living for others?  The sermons explore this idea a bit more.

Well, this bit is a bit old now, but just in case you want to explore what we did for JOY in December here are the resources…

Families might try the Grow Ministries ‘Advent Activity Tree’

Download here: Advent Activity Tree

You could make your own Advent Calendar with Praying In Colour (Advent)

Another approach is to make your own Advent Boxes

Download the Advent Puppet Calendar:  iPhone App  /  Android App

Another approach is our Immanuel digital Advent calendar  It gives you something challenging to do every night for the 24 nights.   If you’re starting late just start where ever you are!

Download here: Advent Contentment Calendar

You could introduce yourself and your family to the season by watching the video:  Advent In Two Minutes