Your kitchen table is God’s altar! 

At the table God brings people together.

At the table we learn who we truly are. 

God joins us at the table.  It’s a place of grace.

As a part of our plan we have been exploring and growing in hospitality.  Why not explore it too…

Part 1 – Gather

Discussion Guide:  Grace Table 1 Study

Listen to Sermon:  Grace Table 1 Audio – Luke 5.27

Part 2 – Relate

Discussion Guide:  Grace Table 2 Study

Listen to Sermon:  Grace Table 2 Audio – Luke 10.38

Part 3 – Accept

Discussion Guide:  Grace Table 3 Study

Listen to Sermon:  Grace Table 3 Audio – Luke 19:1-10

The Zacchaeus Song (Better Quality):  Grace Table 3 Song

Part 4 – Consecrate

Discussion Guide:  Grace Table 4 Study

Listen to Sermon:  Grace Table 4 Audio – Luke 9:10-17

Part 5 – Eat

Discussion Guide:  Grace Table 5 Study

Listen to Sermon:  Grace Table 5 Audio – Luke 14:1-24


invite someone, make a stranger a friend, break isolation.


turn off the TV, sit together, face each other, listen.


let the table be a place of acceptance and not judgement.


thank God, don’t be ashamed to acknowledge the Giver.


shared meals grow trust, unite enemies, and define us.


We challenge you to break the isolation growing in our culture and eat with someone.  Do it at work.  Invite those who are lonely, invite your neighbours over, join an Immanuel Life Group to eat.  Break isolation barriers. Politely invite yourself over to someone’s place?  Follow the “G.R.A.C.E.” pattern!