Come join us June 12th, starting at 9:30 at Immanuel Worship Centre.

You will need a camera eg. phone camera, for this session as we will be going on a contemplative photo walk.

Contemplative Photography offers the opportunity to see the world in a new way, with fresh eyes.  It is an inward-focused contemplative practice that, like all spiritual practices, helps us to open our eyes to see the work of God all around us. It does not focus on subject matter or the technical aspects of photography but instead encourages us to see with the eye of the heart: practicing the art of noticing without judgement or criticism. Being aware of the things that capture your attention: objects that you find curious, different or interesting. As we slow down and see things, perhaps for the first time, we see more deeply and more fully the subtle beauty which is God’s creation. Our hearts respond in prayer, praise and thanksgiving. Margy Heuschele will be leading us through this practice. For more information about Margy, see her website here: