Prepare to have Holy Communion!

Contact our office or talk to Pastor Doug or Matt about having Holy Communion.  We can help you learn about this at your own pace and starting now…

The Great Escape Feast Program

  • 1 “Being A Disciple”

  • 2 “Baptism & Genesis”

  • 3 “Exodus & Passover”

  • 4 “Passover & Jesus”

  • 5 “Communion Theology”

  • 6 “Communion Practice


What Is First Communion?

First communion is an opportunity for everyone to learn and participate in Holy Communion. We welcome all ages and run this course for anyone over 8 years old – adults are welcome too!

What Is The Great Escape Feast?

The Great Escape Feast is about ’whole community’. The course requires every participant (child or adult) to bring a mentor who they choose. You can’t do this course without a mentor! Each session is designed to include mentors all along the way. To choose a good mentor think about who you know that you respect and has deep faith. If you can’t find someone perhaps we can help. The mentor should normally NOT be a parent because we want to ‘widen the circle’. But parents are VERY welcome to attend too (and usually have a great time!).

What Does A Mentor Do?

– Not being ‘an expert’ but getting to know the young person and journeying with them!

– To come along to every session of the course with the young person.

– To pray for the young person throughout the course.

– To visit or phone call with the young person each week to help with ‘homework’.

– To support them and stand with them when they have first communion.

Do I Need A Bible To Do This Course?

Yes! You can bring your own or for around $20 we can provide either an NIrV (New International ‘Readers’ Version easy for children) or an NIV (common accurate tranlsation).

This Is Not Confirmation (But Wait There’s More!)

Please don’t confuse this course with “confirmation” which is when a person publicly confirms their faith before the congregation.  Someone can confirm their faith from around age 13 onwards – it is an important step in spiritual maturity.

How To Get Involved

1.  Contact Doug at the Immanuel office:  5445 6894

2.  Find a good mentor (or ask us to help) and let us know their contact details too.