Confirmation – Yrs 8 – 9

Confirmation has traditionally been a ‘rite of passage’ (symbol of maturity) in many Christian communities for a well over thousand years.  At Immanuel we offer a Confirmation program to people over 13 every second year.  Our goals for this experience are:

  • To develop a positive peer group of faith
  • To develop supportive relationships with mentors who are slightly ahead in the journey of faith
  • To experience the key parts of following Jesus
  • To provide tools to deal with the faith challenges of the future

To be involved participants need to register for Soularise Youth on our front page.

The program has traditionally included a regular group meeting plus a number of camps…



This year we will integrate the course into our Soularise youth program.  Participants will still get to ‘hang out’ with a pastor but their discussion time will happen during the Soularise youth discussion time.  This will hopefully be easier on parents and also work better towards developing a wider positive peer group.

We start at 6.00pm down in “The Kave” before Soularise Youth – being on time is important.  In our extra 30 minutes we’ll be having some fun, grow as a team, and have our topics introduced.  Pastor Matt will be away on Long Service Leave for much of Term 2, and in this time our youth coach Ben Lyons will oversee this time.

After the time in the Kave, confirmation participants will join in with normal Soularise youth (from 6.30pm to 8.30pm).  But their group discussion time will be tailored to their group.



We traditionally include three camps in the program.  We know this is costly, so Immanuel Church is paying a large amount of the camp fees to make it much cheaper from parents.  We have subsidised costs so that the total cost of the program for the year is $200.  But if any camp fee is a concern we can help further if you ask!



Pastor Matt Thiele and Ben Lyons will be running the program.  Some of our best Soularise youth leaders (young adults) will be running small group discussion time for participants.  These leaders are carefully chosen as people who can be excellent role models for the future.


Confirmation 2018 Program


TERM 1:  “Being Real”

 Fridays:  Mar 23 (6pm to 8pm)

Radical Camp:  Apr 9-12

  • This is Immanuel’s annual Youth camp and involves Grades 7 to 12.
  • It’s all about having fun, building community, and following Jesus.
  • We have reduced the camp cost from $200 to $100 for confirmation attenders
  • Info & Registration at


TERM 2:  “Spiritual Life”

Fridays: Apr 20, May 4, May 18, June 1, June 15

Christian Life Week Camp:  July 9-13


TERM 3:  “Faith”

Fridays:  Jul 20, Aug 3, Aug 17, Aug 31, Sep 14,

Peak Experience Camp – Friday Sep 28 & Sat Sep 29.

  • This costs nothing – Immanuel Church pays.
  • We leave after school Friday afternoon, camping at Connondale National Park.
  • On Saturday the confirmation team climb Mount Allan (up one side, down the other)
  • Parents are required to meet their teen at the end of the hike at 3pm to clap them in
  • This is a critical part of the journey and involves a special time at the top!
  • More information as the event comes closer.
  • We will be seeking for some parents to come to assist with logistics and cooking.


TERM 4:  “Maturity”

Fridays:  Oct 12, Oct 19 (extra one!)

Confirmation Sunday October 21, 9.30am

  • A day when we celebrate the growing maturity of the team
  • They will share some of their stories
  • Family and mentors are invited

We will bless and pray for each student