Confirmation 2020 is postponed till 2021. While we are saddened to need to do this, we know that the extra year of emotional and spiritual development of our confirmees will let us go deeper into faith in the program next year. For a head start, sign your kids up to RADICAL Camp 2020 over here.

Information brochure:  Confirmation Brochure 2020

Please note that the Confirmation program is subject to COVID 19 restrictions. 


This is going to be great!  Confirmation has traditionally been a ‘rite of passage’ (symbol of maturity) in Christian communities for a well over thousand years.  At Immanuel we integrate the best Christian tradition with the best youth work to create a unique program.  This program is open for teens from age 13 and above.

The goals are for young people to:

    – wrestle with what Jesus means for their lives

    – grow healthy positive peer relationships

    – grow relationships with our wider faith community


This year we’ve chosen to use the deepest content we have ever seen.

In term two we start with the Youth Alpha course that has impacted literally hundreds of millions of Christians across the world.

In term three we will run a teen-friendly version of the famous Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book “Life Together” (look it up – it’s amazing!).  This introduces sustainable and healthy Christian practices for maturity.  For the five weeks of this topic (Aug 9 – Sep 6) we invite parents to come along at the same time and join a separate an adults discussion group which will explore the same material as the teens.  Parents are not required, but we know if you join us you’ll love it!

The final term has only few weeks and focusses on preparing for the Confirmation Sunday Celebration.


Pastor Matt Thiele and Ben Lyons will be co-leading the program.  Some of our best leaders from a range of ages will be running small group discussion time for participants.  These leaders are carefully chosen as people who can be excellent role models for the future.


On Sundays we meet from 10.30am to 11.30am.  We start on time and finish on time, but we ask your commitment to arrive on time, be there for everything, and be ready to pickup on time.

CONFIRMATION CALENDAR (planned for 2020)


  • Sun May 3  This Is It!
  • Sun May 10  Who Is Jesus
  • Sat May 16  Sleepover At Church “Communion & Why Did Jesus Die”
      • Starts Saturday 5.00pm to Sunday 10.30am
  • Sun May 24  How Can I Have Faith?
  • Sun May 31  Why And How To Pray
  • Sun June 7  How Does God Guide Us
  • Sun June 14  Who Is The Holy Spirit
  • Sun June 21  How Can I Be Filled With The Spirit?


  • July 6 – 10   Christian Life Week  (Coolum B)
      • Monday to Friday – half price for confirmation people.


  • Sun July 19  How Can I Resist Evil?
  • Sun July 26 How Does God Heal?
  • Sun Aug 2  What Is The Church?
  • Sun Aug 9  Life Together 1 – Shared Life
  • Sun Aug 16  Life Together 2 – A Day Of Faith
  • Sun Aug 23  Life Together 3 – Solitude & Listening
  • Sun Aug 30  Life Together 4 – The Seven Ministries
  • Sun Sep 6 Life Together 5 – Forgiveness & Joy
  • Fri Sep 11 – Sat Sep 12   Peak Experience Camp
    •    1 Night – from Friday after school to Saturday 3pm


  • Sun Oct 11  Preparing For Confirmation Sunday
  • Sun Oct 18  Preparing For Confirmation Sunday
  • Sun Oct 15  Confirmation Sunday


Communion Sleepover:  May 16

This is a chance for the confirmation participants to get to know each other better and really make friends.  During the night we have a traditional “Passover” meal and learn all about Holy Communion.  We finish with worship at the regular Sunday 9.30am service so teens go home when worship ends around 10.30am.

Christian Life Week Camp:  July 6 – 10 (Coolum B)

This camp is an important part of the confirmation program.  We have never heard anyone come back and say they were bored.  A subsidy code will be provided so that when you register online your camp fee will halve.   It’s important to register for the right camp at:

The Peak Experience Camp  Sep 11- 12

This experience has become legendary in our community!  We leave after school Friday afternoon, camping at Connondale National Park.  On Saturday the confirmation team climb Mount Allan (up one side, down the other.  Parents are required to meet their teen at the end of the hike at 3pm to clap them in.  This is a critical part of the journey and involves a special time at the top!  We will be seeking for some parents to come to assist with logistics and cooking so if you’re able to help please speak to Matt Thiele who will lead the camp.