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All Age First Communion

Prepare to have Holy Communion! Contact our office or talk to Pastor Doug or Matt about having Holy Communion.  We can help you learn about this at your own pace and starting now.  Our formal communion preparation program has six parts…   The Great Escape...


We Have A New Pastor!

Immanuel has a new pastor – the one with the cool moustache! The ordination and celebration service on Sunday July 16 was amazing and photos are filtering through on our facebook page ( Doug Fitzpatrick has been ordained by the Lutheran Church Of Australia and...


Fight The New Drug

Pornography is not harmless.  It hurts people and harms relationships.  Don’t kid yourself that it is a little safe fun. Chris Rock recently talked about the harm it did to his relationships. Join the movement and fight the new drug. If you need help we...



7.30am Sundays – SUNRISE SERVICE Join us for a more reflective quiet time as the sun rises.  We have Holy Communion on the first and third Sunday’s of the month. 9.30am  Sundays – UNITED WORSHIP This worship time evolved as we decided that God was...


Just Prayer

  We wanted to write a book collecting great prayers from the ages. But instead we made a website. So it’s an online prayer book at… . This is not about memorizing or praying other people’s words.  It’s not about popping old prayers in...


Easter @ Immanuel


Hebrews Series “Greater”

Immanuel is exploring the book of Hebrews.  Listen and read with us!