GIG – Yrs 4 – 6

  Fridays after school at 3.30-4.30pm It’s fun time for upper kids...

The Journey Home

Pastor Matt’s book The Journey Home is here! The stories of its use are...

Life Groups

Immanuel has many groups of all different shapes and sizes.  Our core...

Basic Beliefs

These are the four core teachings of our church.  They are more...

How To Run A Meeting

Meetings can be great, fun, productive, and enjoyable.  This is a guide to running meetings so that they are all that and more!  HowToRunAMeeting

How To Give A Children’s Talk!

Here’s the training guide for children’s talks…  Training – Children’s Talks

Serving Holy Communion

Here’s the new training guide for Holy Communion servers… How To Serve Communion Instructions For Servers