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Understanding Grief

When you lose someone you love it can hurt more than any physical pain. Understanding what’s going on can help you adjust and grow. That’s what this guide is about… Understanding Grief


Three Colours Of Spirituality

Are you happy with your spiritual life, with the way your relationship with God works? It is normal to struggle at some point. Sometimes we can’t relate to God in the same way as others and we start to wonder if there is something wrong...


How To Run Powerpoint

Want to really make a difference for your congregation?  Some important jobs that help us worship (like setup, powerpoint operation, or sound system) might not always be seen ‘up front’ but they help us all in a big way.  We depend on people like you!...


How To Lead Prayer!

One of the best ways to receive the gift of prayer is to pray with others.  Those that lead prayer have an important responsibility.  We have a gift to share.  When we lead people in prayer privately, in groups, or up front in worship, we...



‘Adopt-A-Class’  is a practical way for Immanuel Church members to support and encourage people at our school. This is an opportunity to get involved by ‘adopting’ a Junior School class at Immanuel College. You become a ‘mentor’ so that they can meet someone from our...


Welcome Lunch

Sun, May 6th, 11am – 2pm Whether you’ve been part of our community for 30 years or whether you’ve been here 30 minutes you are invited to our “Welcome Morning”.  The  “Welcome To Immanuel” morning includes lunch and you get to learn about the four...


The Child In Our Hands

Do you have a child, grandchild, godchild, or a relationship with a young person? The “Child In Our Hands” Course is about how to share faith and positive values with them. How can I share Jesus with children in real ways? Why are kids uninterested...