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Actsplosion? The Book Of Acts

Immanuel is exploring the book of Acts.  Listen and read along with us!


Basic Beliefs

These are the four core teachings of our church.  They are more important than everything else.  We measure all we do and say by them.  They also have cool Latin phrases which shows that these core teachings are much more ancient than Immanuel…    ...


Life Transformation Groups

An LTG is made up of two or three people, all of the same gender, who meet weekly for personal accountability for their spiritual growth and development.  LTG members encourage and support one another in obeying what they hear from God. They can also support...


Questions About The Holy Spirit?

Here are the notes from Pastor Matt’s recent ‘Yum Cha Menu’ on the Holy Spirit.  The idea is that there is a lot on the menu and you can choose what to talk about.  These notes don’t answer all the questions, they just get you...


4 Keys To Faith Sharing

The most effective things that share positive values and faith are simple, small, and regular parts of our lives.  It’s not a dynamic pastor or youth worker, it’s not a Christian school, it’s not what you say, it’s the small things in our lives.  We...


Immanuel Advent Calendar

Join us on the journey of Advent with our new calendar.  It gives you something challenging to do every night for the 24 nights of December until Christmas.  If you’re starting late just start where ever you are! Non editable PDF version for printing…  Advent...


Working With Young People

We take our duty of care to young people very seriously at Immanuel! That is why we have a risk management policy. And here it is…  ILC Risk Management Briefing & Policy To work with children and young people at Immanuel you must have four...