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Christ Revealed Film

This is the first in a series of films on Jesus and won an award for Best Christian Film of 2017.  It is only free for a short time so watch now! More information at:


What’s Your Big Question?

This week we explored the questions people asked Jesus. We want to know what you think! We want to hear your questions. We’ll find a way to answer them somehow: perhaps on Sundays in sermons, or in our newsletter, or on our website. Over to...


Youth Social Media

Yep, this is a boring old-school website. But our latest updates are on social media! Immanuel Youth is on instagram and facebook


GIG – Yrs 4 – 6

On Fridays after school at 3.30-4.30pm it’s fun time for upper primary kids. We start with a huge afternoon tea, some time to run around, and then we have faith time in groups. GIG is coordinated by experienced adults, but also led by older teens...


The Journey Home

Pastor Matt’s book The Journey Home is here! The stories of its use are pouring in! One caring lady has bought and given away 12 copies to friends in a Nursing Home. One person cherished this book through the last few months of their life and took...


The Faith Five

Four Questions For You For Parents of Young Children: What would it be worth to you to have a teenager some day who won’t go to sleep without talking to you about their day? Praying with you? Blessing you? Would it be worth five minutes?...


Grace Table

  Your kitchen table is God’s altar!  At the table God brings people together. At the table we learn who we truly are.  God joins us at the table.  It’s a place of grace. As a part of our plan we have been exploring and...