Soularise is our youth group for grades 7 to 9. It runs...


Dreaming Praying Planning

  Right now our church is dreaming, praying and planning for the...


Your Funeral

This brand new resource has just been prepared by our Pastor.  It...



  During the season of Lent (the six weeks before Easter) we...


Faith @ Home

Luke 18:9-14.  Here are the pictures.  Use the pics and get the kids to tell the story at home! Or even act it out yourself!  Or draw it.  And ask what it means!


Confirmation – Be Filled With The Spirit

  How Can I Be Filled With The Spirit?   Opening Questions What’s the strangest thing you ever saw? Have you ever experienced something unexplainable?   Video Response: What in this video do you want to talk about? What in this video do you want?...


Confirmation – Who Is The Holy Spirit?

. Who Is The Holy Spirit?   Opening Questions? How are you today?  Highs and Lows? Who is the Holy Spirit?  What do you think! What questions do you have about the Holy Spirit?   Video   Closing Discussion What in the video did you...


Confirmation – Who Is Jesus?

.   Who Is Jesus?   Opening Discusson Who is Jesus?   What do people say? How many answers can you collect in response to this question?” Please collect / write them on the wall, board, or a sheet of paper! Why are there so...

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Confirmation – God’s Existence

 … Hiya crazy confirmation peeps, kickit with your dubstep apps.   Actually I am not Lawrence so I won’t bother trying to talk like him.  I’m Matt and I am old school (not cool I know). This week’s topic is “God The Father”.  Basically when...


Dreaming Praying Planning

  Right now our church is dreaming, praying and planning for the future.   We have finished 21 days of prayer and we have clearly heard some things for our future. Nothing will be accepted into the process apart from prayer. Now a small group...


Emotional Health

Our Elders/Spiritual Leaders Team decided that this was important when we read together the book “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality”.  But we had a problem: we can’t base our theme and sermons on any other book than the Bible!  So we are not following the “Emotionally Healthy”...



Immanuel Playgroup is our weekly ministry for all ages and particularly caters for families with children 0-5 years.  It runs every week of the termon the Worship Centre Terrace at Immanuel Lutheran College/Church. We love to play, explore, discover and connect.  Please bring your child’s morning...

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Elevation Training

Elevation is an amazing training experience that will inspire and equip you for ministry with children, youth and families. It’s a chance to learn some new skills, discover some great resources and be inspired by experienced trainers.  Whether you’re a parent, a school teacher, a...